The Gorge in Flood!

August 2003

It has been stated that this was the worst storm for over 30 years, seeing the debris,
not to mention the damage, it is not hard to envisage the mighty
spectacle it presented at it's peak.

Most floods are under control - the Trevallyn Hydro Dam about 5 kilometres
upstream holds back the water - but waters such as these quickly
overflowed the dam.

  An earlier photo showing the
swimming pool and lawns.

Showing the swimming pool 
covered by 6ft of water.

The waters would have covered this suspension bridge also, the bridge remained
closed until just a few weeks ago.

At the peak of the storm the water in this natural gorge roared along furiously,
bringing people from far and wide, many never having seen flooding
here before.

Terry and I visited days after the waters had begun to recede and flow down
to the sea.

I took photos of anything and everything to be seen :0


Debris include much driftwood, trees in their entirety, 40 gallon drums, just
to mention a few.

The tumbling of the waves at great force carried all before it, depositing much
on the lawns of the picnic ground.

Terry is watching people gathering driftwood for making artifacts.

Arts & Crafts stall owners believed all their birthdays had come at once .. HaHa!


The force had frothed the water, and it remained long after the waters began to
recede, looking very much like snow drift.

But never having seen a snow drift I am possibly wrong :-o

I did go and "play" in it and it was quite dry.



These two photos show the only part of the pathway not under water.

At the top of this path is where the chairlift rides begin - I was amazed to see the
"brave" ones game enough to take that ride.

If my life depended on either the chair lift or the madly swaying suspension bridge,
I think I would have a heart attack, I am a coward when it comes to heights.


Believe This or Not!

On the way home I took a wrong turn and found myself in a dead-end, on
a rough, narrow, hilly road - BOGGED!

I couldn't even ring for Roadside Help - I had no idea where I was.

After "asitting" and "athinking" for a while I said to Terry "hang on tight,
I am about to reverse hard UP the slope, and hope I don't hit the tree
that is in my path"

Well I got my wheels free and away safely - feeling very shaky indeed!

But no damage to the car - only a poor shattered ego for me, Terry
remained silent, probably saying a prayer of thanks!

Oh He of Little Faith!

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 Thank you for visiting.

Laurie - Launceston - Tasmania

Created - June 2002
This page added in 2003





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