Launceston's Spectacular Gorge

Launceston Cataract Gorge
Gateway House at the Kings Bridge entrance.

The house was formerly the Toll Keepers home and is now used by
the City's "Artists in Residence".
Situated across Kings Bridge on the right hand side of the Gorge.

The bridge is clearly seen in the photo on the entry page.

The Gorge has almost vertical cliffs lining the banks of the South Esk River,
which flow into the Tamar River where it meets the North Esk River.

The Tamar River is a tidal river that winds it's way lazily to the
Bass Strait - which is the sea between Tasmania and The Mainland.

I should also mention here that this Gorge is only a twenty minute walk
from the Launceston City Centre.


Come with me now as we explore!

Along both sides of this natural Gorge there are pathways, that wind around
the rocky sides.
There are many lookout spots where we can pause a moment and take in the
serene beauty surrounding us.

Penny Royal World

A re-creation of a 19th Century Village


Fantastic accommodation awaits us at Penny Royal - which is situated at
the end of the left side of Kings Bridge.

This old "restored" tram will take us to the wonders of the ...

... Penny Royal Gun Powder Mill
Here we can fire the cannon on the Man-O-War boat.

We stroll across King's Bridge - go through the gateway and wander along
the Cataract Walk until we come to a natural basin - a very popular
spot to swim.

On the right is the natural basin, on the left is the suspension bridge which
will take us across to the a picnic area - with lots of fun things
for the children to do.

The grounds here are a natural stage for many a concert.

The chairlift will take us from one side to other, and in fine weather,
we could walk across the causeway.
What a pity we did not come prepared for a swim in the pool.

This is the longest single span chairlift in the Southern Hemisphere.

But - at the moment - we are still on the right hand side where our walk has
brought us to the Cliff Grounds, the Victorian Gardens ....

... and the Interpretation Centre in the Old Rotunda.

Peacocks roam free and show their magnificent feathers as we take a
stroll along the Daffodil Walk.

We stop for a pleasant break at the Gorge TeaRooms and Restaurant.

This area is also very popular for wedding parties.


The Gorge lit up at Night.

We stand in awe as we take in this glorious sight, we are on the cliff
path looking back to Kings Bridge.

I do hope you have enjoyed your visit with us as we wandered along
our magnificant Gorge.

Since this page was created we have had so much rain that our
beautiful gorge had a "record breaking" flood.

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all about it!

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