Beaconsfield Gold Mine

  "Grubb Shaft"
Gold & Heritage Museum

Operated from 1877 - 1914

The small township of Beaconsfield (Pop. Approx. 1100) has long
been proud of their heritage.

This mine was one of the richest mines in History and yielded 21 tons
of the precious metal.
By 1881 there were 32 mining companys operating on the field.

In 1889 the mine was closed because of flooding, an immense pump
was brought from England, capable of pumping 4,000,000 gallons
of water each 24 hours.

Mining was resumed in 1897 but the deeper they went the worse
the water got, which eventually forced the mine to close.

For many years the ruins attracted people, it is situated in the heart
of Beaconsfield, approximately 50 feet from the main street. Mine Disaster


Mine Disaster ... April 25th 2006

A Tribute to Courage.

There is now a very comprehensive museum risen from the ruins, and
boasts having 30 interactive displays.

Mining also commenced once more in 1999.

Across the road is a cool park, now the home of an early schoolhouse
and a miner's cottage.

Left ... is a multi-seat toilet, 3 or four holes in a board as the seat.
One doorway is for boys and the other for girls.

Right ... is the miner's cottage, fully equipped, as is the schoolhouse.

When the roses are in bloom the park is gloriously colourful, giving
out a perfume to fill your heart with joy.
The miner's cottage is also fascinating: many times we were the only
people having a picnic lunch, and we were able to peer into the
school and cottage for as long as we liked.

Our granddaughters, when little, used to love going to the park, so
visits were a must each year when we were camping at Kelso,
a 15 - 20 minutes drive away.


During the years between the closure, and the commencement of gold
production again in early 1999, pumping continued day and night.

The equipment used was the largest de-watering mine pumps of their
type ever made!

 Our friend, the then owner of the Kelso Caravan Park, worked for years
below ground during all this pumping.

One year he took my husband down ... what an experience ... Oh Boy!
But not one I would have enjoyed, I hasten to add :-)


This tower like structure is well lit up at night and looks like
fairyland - a beautiful sight to see.


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