Kelso Sands & Green's Beach

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Our Tents"

We were known as "Tent City" because we had 2 very long
tents (only one is seen here) and 3 small ones, to accommodated
us all.
We camped here for many years before we changed to a caravan.

Kelso Sands Caravan Park was the first park in Tassie who passed
the tests to allow electric power into tents, before that we had to
use gas bottles for everything.


You can enjoy the peace and tranquility, allowing it to
encompass you and bring you peace!

* A 6 hole golf course
* Swimming pool - heated in season
* Well equipped recreation room & shop
* Childrens playground equipment

The friendly atmosphere is always there, generated by
the genial hosts - Jean & Graeme Mahoney.

My youngest granddaughter having fun with a possum!

A favourite activity for all children after dark is
possum spotting and feeding.

These possums are not tame and you must be careful, they
are friendly just for the bread that is given to them :-)

The wombats and kangaroos also wander around after dark.


A few more miles from Kelso, heading north will bring you to the
beach overlooking Bass Strait, which must be crossed to reach
the Mainland.

At first glance Green's Beach appears to be a sleepy, rather wild,
barren place to visit, but once out of your vehicle you discover
many tracks to explore, these were originally animal tracks.

As you meander along, you see small holiday houses tucked in
every nook and cranny.
Who would have believed it!

Parking the car under some shady trees, we wondered if we would
ever feel cool again.
Off we go to see the sea ... over the sand dunes along a trail
almost hidden by coastal shrubbery.

We reach the top of the dunes ... oh boy! cool air greets us!

The water lapping at the sand seems to be saying "Come on in"
so we do ... oh my goodness, we gasp for breath ... the water
is freezing :-)

Us - Duh!

Some of the smaller dunes are behind us *grins*

We often took the children to Green's beach for a picnic, this
is a poor photo I know, but the only one I have.


We never stayed here - a bit too rough and ready for us in the
earlier days - the grandchildren loved to drive through the
beachside park - their main comments were always ...
"We are glad you and Poppa chose Kelso Sands" :-)


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