Batman Bridge



 BATMAN BRIDGE - opened in 1968

This uniquely structured singly span bridge has become a great
tourist attraction.

We are crossing this bridge now to tour the East Tamar areas:-)

A picnic ground is at the base in a cool shady area, whilst resting for
a break we can watch the wonders of:


 Whirlpool Reach is a sight to be seen - never to be forgotten.

Whirlpools are eddying in all directions all the time, I believe
there are about 40 all told.

We stopped here many times for a picnic or to let the grandchildren
see the bridge from below and also a closer view of the whirlpools.


Before we actually cross the bridge we pass this church - Auld Kirk


Made of freestone, building began around 1843, partly built by
convicts and partly free labour.

It was completed in 1846.

In 1900 during some burning off in the neighbourhood, a spark
ignited in the shingle roof, damaging the church beyond immediate
It was eventually re-opened in 1933 and services are still held in this
tiny church today.

Sidmouth also has a Recreation Centre and a General Store, if you
blink as you drive by you will miss it.

It survives because the opening of the bridge brought traffic along,
what had been, a lonely road.

We make this a "must stop" each visit, getting petrol and some of
their great take-away foods :-)


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