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Brady's Lookout



Matthew Brady - Tasmania's Famous Bushranger!

This rocky outcrop was used as a lookout by the young bushranger.

He could see along the river in both directions, to see if it was friend
or foe approaching.

Somewhere in this outcrop of rocks is a small cave he lived in, well
hidden, keeping his secret for a long time.

Living this way he was able to escape the law and able to have
contact with his gang.


Matthew Brady was caught and hanged on
4th May 1826
He was just 27 years old!

Later the gang was also caught and hanged!


This great lookout is a favourite picnic spot for tourists, the
wonderful panoramic view is breathtaking.

From the road there is a steep walk to the outcrop of rocks, it is
well worth the climb, but I for one would not go looking for
his cave.
I am far too timid of heights to do that!

We had a family day out, the day after our daughter was married,
We brought our interstate visitors here to enjoy spending the
day being tourists :-)

But it was so cold and blustery we did not stop long, we decided to
look for a more sheltered spot for our picnic.

So, turning our back on the lookout we went down through the
gateway to the cars.


It was still cold and windy and the hot coffee was most welcome.

Now whenever I drive by I think "I really must stop one day"
but that day never seems to come along :-)



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