Beauty Point




 What can I say!

 A quiet, un-assuming port, is the first impression you have and ...

... if I blink I will miss it!


It is big on history and port activities, and was once known as
a doorway to Australia!

 In this deepsea port, cruise ships from all around the world stop
over to visit the northern part of our island.

In the early 1970's Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip flew into
Tasmania, then departed on the Royal Yacht Britannia from here.

Not long having a car - we grab the opportunity to drive the kids down
to Beaconsfield to see the young Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip
drive by.

Captured into the excitement of the moment we followed the entourage
to Beauty Point to watch the Royal Yacht Britannia sail majestically
into the horizon.

Oh What a Thrill!

Just a few years ago a submarine called in and it was open to visitors,
George and I joined the long queue to climb aboard.

"Climb Aboard" Duh!

The operative words, as we got closer and closer I got more nervous.
I just knew I could never do the "gymnatics" required to get on deck.
George didn't want to go on without me, but even tho I felt bad at
refusing - I just had to - I am a scaredy cat at heart :-(

Beauty Point has no shopping complex - just a few small shops, but
Beaconsfield is only a short distance away so it is no

 Down (almost) on the wharf sits a motel, and across the narrow road
is the Australian Maritime College ... the sea activities section.

This Maritime College is the only one in the Southern Hemisphere.

Also from here you can see George Town across the water, we will be
visiting there on this internet journey too :-)


My photo of a storm at ... Beauty Point



"Truly a Wonderful Experience"


Seahorse World is one of Tasmania's premier
tourist attractions.

The world's first seahorse farm is a unique working exhibition,
where you will see these creatures of the deep seas.

Also there are other creatures such as seadragons, pipefish and
freshwater endangered species.

An informative guide will show you around the seahorse cave, you
will see these lovely creatures from birth in King Neptune's nursery,
a "hands on" touch pool and a small theatrette are more fantastic
attractions to amaze you.

The high class Waterfront Restaurant - serves splendid food along
with great Tasmanian wines.

    Seahorse World are trying to breed sea dragons
in captivity ... a feat that has never been achieved
anywhere in the world!



Just a few minutes drive away is the very popular beach where
children frolic in the water

and enjoy treats from one of the "old time" General Stores
that can be found along the Tamar River.

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