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"Is it Day - or Night"

Hello There!

From Laurie

Welcome to my part of the World - Tasmania, Australia!

Since becoming an addicted "Internet Freak" this is the question
I am always asking myself!

"What Is The Time?"

A quick glance at the clocks I have set for the US Eastern time
and France - along with my own time on the computer
status bar gives me that!


Is it Today - Tomorrow - or Yesterday!

"Now That"

Is much harder - first I have to establish what day it actually is
"for me"

For instance - this past week has been spent thinking it was
one day later than it actually was!


Got that one beaten too - since I recently realised - by hovering
my mouse over the time on the status bar - it would tell me
the day and date ... Duh!

Would you believe - my son came in yesterday and asked me did
I want to wake up - without opening my eyes I asked him the
time, when he said 2.30 I asked morning or afternoon and
what day is it?

It was afternoon - Double Duh!


Well, with all this "knowledge" I think I am less likely to say
"Have a Nice Day" ...
... in an email, when that email will be received in the evening!

Also ... it stops me from inviting anyone for a chat when it is
past their bedtime *grins*

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Thank you so much my friend for making this beautiful
 background set as a surprise for me, using the
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    How Nice it is Today!
An Original from "John's Midi & Things"

Laurie    June 2003



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