"From Me @ My Desk"

Happy Days!

Time out to say hello - this is where I spend
soooo much time, meeting so many
lovely people.

I took over one quarter of our small Lounge room,
which was set up with all the bookcases etc.
when I used the Lounge as an office for the ...

"Tasmanian Gymnastic Association"

Believe it or not I managed to squeeze a scanner
between the printer and computer,
And yes the mouse is on the left because I am left-handed.

The brown mirror on the left hand side of the computer
allows me to keep up with World News on TV.

And a desk is not complete without a photo of a good
friend close by!
In this case - on top of the PC.




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To Whisper ...  

Thank you so much my friend for making this beautiful
 background set as a surprise for me ... and for using the
~ Tasmanian State Flag  ~  

   How Nice it is Today!
An Original from "John's Midi & Things"

Laurie    June 2003