"Family From Afar"

Happy Times!

As I nursed my second Great Grandson, the years rolled
away down memory lane.

The past was good - the present is great - so many
memories to look back on!

And now more memories are evolving with my

"Family from Afar"

Another Grandson - by adoption - we met on the Internet
and became good friends - soon he was calling me his
Groovy Granny - a role I accepted with pride!

Terry and his young family have a permanent place
deep in my heart!

Later this beautiful lady Whisper entered my life - we had
so much in common we really felt like sisters.

"We are sisters in our hearts!"

They truly belong in this collection of "Tales of My Life"

We each have experienced many highs and some lows, the
loving joy or support - each for the other - is always
there and appreciated so very much!

As the midi playing says - How nice it is today!

It made me so happy to introduce my family from afar
to my family here at home!



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To Whisper ...  

Thank you so much my friend for making this beautiful
 background set as a surprise for me ... and for using the
~ Tasmanian State Flag  ~  


   How Nice it is Today!
An Original from "John's Midi & Things"

Laurie    June 2003