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The 'Aboriginal Dreamtime' is that part of aboriginal
culture, which explains the origins and culture of the
land and its people.

Aborigines have the longest continuous cultural history
of any group of people on Earth - dating back by some
estimates - 65,000 years.
Dreamtime is Aboriginal Religion and Culture.

A woman talking with a friend of mine at Mudjimba
gave her this story from the Dreamtime stories of the
local Australian indigenous people.


The landforms of the area featured in this Aboriginal
Ninderry and Coolum were warriors who fought over
the beautiful Maroochy.
Ninderry knocked Coolum’s head off and it rolled into
the sea to become Mudjimba.
The Creator, known to the Undanbi as Birral, punished
Ninderry by turning his body into a huge stone,
Mt Ninderry.
Maroochy fled to the mountains where her tears
became the river, which still bears her name.

"Long ago in the dreamtime, a beautiful dark
maiden named Maroochy
was loved by two warriors - Coolum, who was chief
of her tribe, and Ninderry, who was chief of a
neighbouring tribe.

One day, when Coolum and his men were out
hunting, Ninderry and his men burst into the camp
and, despite her screams, they carried Maroochy

When Coolum returned at nightfall, the wailing at
the camp told him that something terrible had
Filled with rage, Coolum and his men set out at once
to track down Ninderry and save poor Maroochy.

The tracks led them a long, long way up into the
ranges and, at the next nightfall ...
(for they had travelled fast)
they could see where Ninderry had made his camp.

However they discovered that they were outnumbered
and so they hid until the enemy were all lying around
the campfire fast asleep.

Then Coolum, as silently as a drifting leaf, crept to
the rough gunyah where the girl lay and untied her.
Still without waking anyone, the group made their
way back the way they had come.

How they shouted with laughter the next morning as
they play-acted Ninderry's rage when he would find
her gone.
Well of course Ninderry did eventually awaken and
found he had been tricked.
His rage was terrible to behold.

Shouting vengeance, he set out in pursuit down to
the plain until he came within fighting distance
of Coolum.
What a mighty battle that was!

Backwards and forwards across the plains, the two
magnificent warriors struggled.

The noise of their blows and their roars of hatred
sounded like thunder.
First one man seemed to be winning, then the other.
They rained great blows on each other but at last
Ninderry, with a mighty blow of his club, knocked
Coolum's head right off and it flew far out into
the sea.

The gods, who had been watching, were so angry
with Ninderry that they turned him into a rock,
even as he stood shouting triumphantly.

Then they felt so sorry for Coolum that they
turned him into a mountain and his head into
an island, and it became Mudjimba Island.
(also called Old Woman Island)

As for poor Maroochy, she was so grief-stricken
with the whole affair, and I dare say with losing
poor Coolum, that she fled back into the
ranges and wept and wept and wept.

Her many tears formed into little streams that
ran down the slopes and formed the Maroochy
She wept herself away and her tears still keep
Ninderry and Coolum stand forever gazing down
on the beautiful river and remembering the lovely
young girl with the sparkling, dark eyes whom
they both loved."

Isn't that a lovely story?

 I have been fortunate - I also have visited these places
in Queensland - Australia
Thank you Ann & Bill - I hope you continue to enjoy
every minute of your travels.
Stay Well - Stay Happy

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