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I love working on my computer!  
Since I first created a web page I have hardly been away from it,
I think I would surely be considered an "addict" now.

Some believe I am a nuisance...if you would like to see who that might
be ~
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But I am sure anyone who was nice enough to visit me would not agree!

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Before the *Internet* days, I was heavily involved (as a volunteer) with our
State Gymnastics Association, in the capacity of an administrator I worked
with them for about 20 years.

In the latter years I represented my State at many National conferences and
officiated at some National & International Championships as a Scorer.

I was honoured to be appointed Championship Manager for the Nationals
being held in Launceston in 1987
A lot of hard work and long hours ~ but oh so rewarding.

Just recently I was invited, along with the State President - Bob Wherrett
(now retired) ~ to open a new Gym Club in Hobart.

We jointly unveiled a plaque ~ which was inscribed with our names, it was
a very proud moment for us.

      The photo is me (the oldie) in front of the plaque with the club
coach/owners, Wendy and Peter.

As a Volunteer - I enjoyed working so much for, and with, the young people,
in the T.A.G.A. Gymnastic Community around our State.
I also worked with The Police and Citizens Youth Club ~ where I worked in
many areas ~ for about 15 years.
Wendy (above) was just a little girl in the P.C.Y.C when I first met her.
I felt very honoured when I was appointed a Life Member ~ by both
The Gymnastic Association, and the Police & Citizens Youth Club Launceston.
Honours I will never forget.
Eventually I had to retire when my Husband did, so that we could fulfil a dream.


We had bought a caravan in preparation to tour a little on the Mainland,
A little bit eh!
That turned into 15 months as we travelled up, down and around Australia.
What a wonderful time we had ~ so many beautiful places to see ~ exciting
things to do ~ and such interesting people to meet.

Of course we had some bad moments too, like getting a van flat tyre, we
managed to reach the side of the road...BUT...we could not get the spare
wheel off the back of the van.
It had been put on with a pressure tool of some sort!
So I was detailed off to do the flagging down of the next vehicle that came
along ~ what luck ~ it was a great, hefty truckie who had our spare wheel
in a matter of moments.
We found that the truckies were always most friendly, as we bowled along
the highways ~ they would always give a toot hello.

Now safe and happy in it's own retirement at Kelso Sands Caravan Park

We have it positioned on a permanent "prime" spot, it pays to know
the owners of the Park *S*
We go there as often as possible, a little less now that I am
"a computer addict"


      Photos inside our van, I stood in the middle and took these from both directions

Left - taken inside the doorway of the annexe ... Right - under the shade cloth patio
We are the couple on the left.

Our visitors were my cousin Bob and his wife Dorothy, they flew over from
Victoria to pay us a surprise visit.
We were invited to attend the Welsh Men's Choir concert being held
in Launceston. My cousin is a Tenor in this choir.
It was a most wonderful and exhilarating performance.



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