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I live in Tasmania, The Island State of Australia.
Although we were born in Victoria on the Mainland,
we consider ourselves "real" Tasmanians
Well! ... After all!
We have lived here for about 46 years now!

About 10 years ago my Hubby and I toured all around
Australia in our caravan - taking 15 months to see as
much as we could of the vast lands of Australia.

My hobbies now are my computer and *real world*
Earlier - I was an administrator for gymnastics.

During these years I decided I needed to learn to drive,
so at the age of 50 I did just that - having my own car
enabled me to travel anywhere at anytime.

To say I "Had a Ball" was putting it mildly, a whole
new world had opened up for me and I was eager
to explore it all.

Another interest I had was doing volunteer work for
the ...
Launceston Police & Citizens Youth Club.

These days I am addicted to building Web Pages of
many and varied themes.

I am the Great Grandmother of two sweet little boys.
Family photos are included on this site.

In January 2004
A Great Grand Daugher brought joy into my life :-)

Ever been curious about what Australians see in
Here is your chance to find out ~

click the jar for general information ~ or for the
"Vegemite" song ~
Click Here

Asian food
Camembert cheese
Red roses & Lovely sunsets
Reading a good mystery story,
The Beatles, in their early days
Martial music & the bag pipes
The Welsh Choir


Going to the supermarket
Buying clothes
Having my photo taken
"Road Hogs"
People who cannot tell the truth
Getting up each morning
Music that is "Just Noise"
Mirrors & cameras


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