Midi playing
Oh how I hate to get up in the morning, oh how I would like to stay
in bed ...... Midi playing

Night    Owl's Laments

The sky is blue, the birds are singing, but....

Oh How I Hate Mornings!

As I am writing it is a beautiful morning ...
I suppose!
The air is so clean and the birds are singing ...
I think:-)
I have done some good writing, but what I really
want to do ...is go back to bed.
I try hard (sometimes) to be a morning person but
I am a dismal failure at that.
I really don't like to surface before 10.30 am,
I feel as if I will soon fall asleep over the keyboard
as I write.

As a child; my mother always said to me ...
"I have to drive you to bed every night, and drive
you out of bed every morning"
Do you know? - she was right, still is, and it is too
late now to change.
Some people think it is because I am lazy
it is just that I function so much better the
later it gets.


"Procrastination is the thief of time"

I am a procrastinator myself and always felt guilty
about it, but not any more, I have just read
that ...
"One good thing about being a procrastinator is you
always have something to do tomorrow"

So - Goodbye (((POOF))) to guilt.

Night Owl Says  

Would you believe it - I married an early bird.
That took a bit of adjusting.

I kid you not!

Can you imagine what it is like for a Night Owl to
be woken each morning by an Early Bird - with
a serenade of....
Oh What a Beautiful Morning
Good Morning Sunshine!

All he gets is a grunt in return (grr).


Every day cometh night --- I SAY, ROLL ON!
The darkest hour is before dawn --- OH YEAH?
The early bird catches the worm -- HE CAN HAVE IT!

Don't get me wrong ---I LOVE LIFE
It is just the mornings I HATE.

Please enjoy yourself as you learn all about me,
my family - my hobbies - my home - my friends.


Thank you for visiting me :-)


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Thank you so much my friend

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