A Tasmanian Myth



Believe it or not!


Tasmania has always been the brunt of many jokes (ouch) delivered by
the rest of Australia.


To begin with, the first white settlers in Tassie killed off all the aborigines.

Secondly, the island was very isolated, therefore there was a lot of incest and
inbreeding, supposedly, causing all Tasmanians to have two heads.


We believe that - with two heads we must have two brains - therefore we are
twice as smart!


When my hubby retired we toured around Australia for 15 months, it was not
long before we met the first of many "jokers".

I wasn't about to let them get away with it for long, I quickly learned to spot
the twinkle in the eye as they came over to chat to us.

SO ...

Quick as a flash I would bare my neck, and ask "sweetly", if they would like
to see my scar ... never once did I have to explain myself.

I must admit we had many a good laugh at their expense :-)

Today we still get many a wise crack from the Mainland Television and Radio
Announcers, not only about our two heads LOL, but also because we were so
upset at always being left off the map of Australia.

In fairness, I must admit that it is not malicious in any way, just a running
joke that we Aussies love so much.


Never let a day go by without one good laugh, often against ourselves.

From "Myth" Laurie :-)


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Laurie - November 2004



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