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"Our 2nd Great Grandson"

Happy1st Birthday Dillon - 25th March 2003

What a Great Birthday Tent!
I think I will stay in here all day!

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His cake was made in the image of his favourite toy, poor
thing, does it hurt with a candle in your tummy?

          #1 -
My Gosh! He tastes good!

#2 - Here I am taking my favourite toy for a walk!

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Miranda and the boys are playing with all the lovely toys, Ethan is
showing Dillon how to play!

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# 1 - Out in the fresh air with a Paternal Grandfather.

#2 - With Mummy and G G Laurie!

Photos taken by a proud Grand Dad Barry J.

Now I will have to wait for more photos, meanwhile
grab the arrow and be transported safely back.


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