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"Our 2nd Great Grandson"
2000 -2002

He Meets His Family - 25th March 2002

Hello Mummy!
What a tender moment for Miranda *S*

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#1 -
He meets his Dad, who looks in wonder at this tiny bundle of joy!

#2 - Being introduced to his cousin Ethan, by Mummy and Aunty Ness.
Ethan looks as if he doesn't know what he is seeing *S*

Now Ethan is understanding and gives Dillon a hug,
is this right Mum?

A very happy moment for Gran Linda, I swear I can
hear her purring!
Or does she look like the cat that licked the cream? (S)

Hugs & cuddles from ... Aldonna ... Vanessa ... and Granddad.
Barry has had a lot of practice with little ones in the past 2 years *grins*

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Miranda and Dillon ready to leave hospital, and then a few weeks
later; he is looking very bright and alert!


Hello G G ... Mummy sent you this, I hope you like it?
I sure do Dillon, thank you so much!

Help is to hand Miranda ... Ethan is watching every move
you make ... do it wrong and he will tell what to do.

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Miranda and the boys are playing with "Play Dough"
I am having a quiet moment, being good and sitting in
the corner!

Well ... I thought I was until Dillon crawled over for
a cuddle ...

.... and he got one too *grins*

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Fun Time in the Bath!

L - Ethan ... R - Dillon ... Gran Linda just loves
to bathe the boys <S>

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