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"Miranda's Wedding"
November 2001

Mother and Daughter!

A Day Full of Joy!

A stop on the way to Prospect House Richmond,
for a photo at the famous Richmond Bridge;
a "must" for every bride *Grins*


Memorable Moments!

Bridesmaids: Aldonna,Vanessa, and their half-sister

Aldonna participated in her sister's service, by reading
the happy couple some beautiful words :-)

Miranda and Damien cut the cakes - two hearts, one being
the "Traditional Dark Fruit" cake ... the other for
the "New Trend" lovers ...

"A Chocolate Mud Cake"



A satin horseshoe for luck, from nephew Ethan, he wanted
to make sure she held it safely :-)

Can you see the blue plaster stitches on his forehead?

Can you stand "another" short tale?

On the eve of the wedding the girls were going to dine out
and celebrate - unfortunately Ethan had other ideas.

While at Lindas in the early evening, he tripped and fell hard
onto a low windowsill, splitting his flesh to the bone.

Panic Reigned!

But only for seconds - Great Gran Laurie put pressure on it
and held him firmly in her arms.

Mother Vanessa freaked out for a moment.

Gran Linda went into organising mode to get him to the

Aunty Aldonna looked after them all, and drove the car.

Aunty Miranda, the Bride, spent a long time phoning around
Hobart, looking for the Bucks Party, to let Father Jason know.

Poppa and Uncle Terry wisely decided - the best thing for them
to do was to "quietly stay out of the way :-)"

Hours later all were home safely once more, but too late for
dining out.

Last point - Ethan was a happy little boy and wore his
injury bravely.

#1 -Vanessa Ethan and a very proud Poppa
#2 - Poppa and GG (Great Gran)

Uncle Terry with Laurie & George


Miranda & Damien are now living in Richmond, the
beautiful Historic Township in southern Tasmania.

Time now to tickle the arrow and move on :-)

Midi Playing - Love changes everything ...