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Ethan - 2003

Happy 3rd Birthday Ethan!

Ooh! Dillon -Just look at all my candles!
It was made in the shape of his favourite toy :-)

Ready! ... Set! ... Go!
Blow hard Ethan, Dillon is very interested in learning
how it is done!

No Dillon - it is my birthday cake!
Miranda had it well in hand and peace reigned!
I wonder what she was looking at? - probably food on the floor *grins*

Will I or won't I - thinks Dillon!

Plotting some mischief Eh!

Meanwhile Gran Linda announces,
"Look at these goodies I have for you!"

As the saying goes ... "No Show without Punch"
Well I had to be at the party didn't I? :-)

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Memorable Moments!

One of my favourite photos of the
"Little Scamp"

At the end of a busy day!
He just loves to stay with Granddad Barry J.


Let's take a peek at what happens next *Grins*

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