Midi - Dancing with joy ...

Taken at Miranda's wedding
3rd November 2001

"As Great Grand Parents"

  Now the Joys Have Increased!

Vanessa and Miranda each have a son, and
the latest news to hand is ...

Aldonna is expecting a baby in 2004.

"My Cup Runneth Over!"

How George would have loved this news!


Now is the time to "sit back" and admire; most
likely a squirming baby in your arms will tire
you too much!

Also ...

Sometimes the modern way of doing things makes
you think you are in some "alien" land!

And whatever happened to those lovely lacy
hand knitted layettes :-)

But once you look past this tiny
bundle in "adult style" clothing you will see ...

"A Baby is a Baby"

So sweet - So soft - So cuddly!

I am known as G G... and to hear them call me
that is music to my ears!

Come along with me now and see a few photos
and "mini tales" of my Great Grandchildren.

I will post more on the photo's page as time

The photo loops start and finish on this page!

Great Grandsons
Great Grand-daughters



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  Midi - Dancing with joy ...


Laurie - August 2003