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"Linda & Barry J"
Their Wedding Day
What a Wonderful Day! 
Are you ready girls, we are about
to be married!

Midi Playing - Gentle ...

That's right - Barry was marrying the four of them!
The girls had always referred to the coming marriage
that way and Barry bought four rings - he said he
was taking on the whole package *grins*

During the service Aldonna had a verse to read, she
had asked me to write their feelings for her.
It was printed on a pink heart shaped card in case
she forgot her words.

Her reading brought tears to my eyes, I suspect
to Barry's also!

#1 - Cutting the cake
#2 - The family around the table
# 3 - A quiet moment!



Shoes off for me and a relaxing drink :-)
Couldn't ask for more *grins*
It has been a great day!

#1 - George intent on a discussion!
#2 - Fay looks as if she wonders what she is about to drink:-)
# 3 - A serious moment for Terry :-)

Climb aboard the arrow and it will take you back home again!


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