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"Our 3rd Grandchild"
Miranda - Born 1981

And baby makes three! Triple joy!

#1 - Just home from hospital.
#2 - Three little girls under the age of four.

Linda sure had a job ahead of her, with Vanessa
also wearing Nappies.

But she coped very well - at least most times.

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Memorable Moments!

Sadly no Christening for Miranda :-(

But lots of love and fun with our lovely new Grand Daughter!

 #1 - Aldonna - ever the caring child says "I'll look after her Mum"
#2 - "Come on Miranda" says Vanessa, "lets eat our Easter Goodies"

Miranda was a very bright and happy little girl, who liked
a lot of fun!

Many times as she grew up her "fun" was on me Duh!

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Her 1st Birthday Party!

Hold on Miranda - big sister Aldonna wants to play with you!

Grandma Clarke is in the background.

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Fun with Gran!

"Look Mum I am the one to give the cuddles now"

She waited a long time to be the taller of we two HaHa!
Many times these cuddles are given with a teasing
or naughty comment Duh!

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Now - as I mentioned on the previous page, I visited
the girls various sports & concerts ...


During Miranda's last year in college, I went down to Hobart to
see her playing the role of Olive, in the college production
of the Australian play ...

"The Summer of the Seventeen Doll"

Set in the early 60's!

Her role was portraying a vivacious, happy barmaid, who
spent time with the Queensland Cane Cutters on
their annual holidays in Melbourne!

I may be biased but to me she put life into a very poor
She sparkled, showing how much she was enjoying herself.


Now let's see what is next in store for you :-)


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