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"Our 2nd Grandchild"
Vanessa - Born 1980

She is here at last, now I have a playmate!

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Memorable Moments!

Vanessa's Christening!

Another cute little doll - no bonnet for her :-)
But she did have 2 cakes - one her father iced
and the "Royal Crown" cake was made by
her "doting Gran"

# 1 - Enough cake for all, wonders baby Vanessa
#2 - Another bundle of joy for us to spoil :-) 

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Vanessa's 1st Birthday Party!

She was after something - I bet it was food *grins*

What Fun - now which toy will I play with first?

Poppa in the background, wherever Vanessa was,
you would find him too :-)

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Her 2nd Birthday!

Blowing out the candles was a major effort for her,
notice the fringe standing up - she had a very bad "bite"
and could only blow upwards.

Don't worry - she ended up an adult with beautiful teeth


Aldonna and Vanessa - cooling off fun time
under Poppa's hose!

Vanessa - at an indoor netball match, she is the
smallest girl in yellow.
Small she may have been, but she was a player to
be reckoned with!
Step Dad Barry and I often stood in the cold to cheer
the girls at sport.

This photo, and the one on the previous page with
Aldonna, were the only photos I ever managed
to take of the girls and their sports!

I often travelled to watch ...
Junior Gymnastics

This photo was in the local Newspaper!

Vanessa in the middle!
The school kids were protesting to the Government,
their school was a large one, but it was the only school
in Hobart without a gymnasium.

Hence the Black Arm Day Protest!

Next we will meet Miranda ...

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