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"My Mother"

4 Generations

 Mum came across from Melbourne to meet her
1st Great Grand Daughter - Aldonna

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 Two years later she celebrated her 80th Birthday
18th December 1900

Aldonna and I flew to Melbourne for her party!


I drove to the airport in my little red car and left it in
the long-term carpark.

We spent a few happy days in Melbourne and then
flew home again.

Aldonna saw my car in the carpark and said how did it
get here?

She had thought we were still in Melbourne, and seeing
my car had her very puzzled.

 The visit Mum made over for Aldonna's Christening
was the last time she was able to visit us ...

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One of the last photos of my Mum!

This is the only photo ever taken with Mum
and her 4 children.

L to R - Barbara, Lorraine(Me), Ramon. Mum, Albert.

Taken in the 1970's

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