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"Our 1st Grandchild"
Aldonna - Born 1978

Proud Parents with Aldonna

Memorable Moments!

As there are many photos of the grandchildren already in my
Tangled Tales - I have just selected a few for these pages.

Mainly their first years and the end of High School!

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Aldonna's Christening, she was just like
a little doll *grins*

George and I just loved this little bundle of joy!

In fact George became the main babysitter *Grins*
I think he liked having her all to himself!

Proud Uncle Terry - who is Aldonna's
It was the first baby he had ever held :-)

Nappy Change!

He is not doing too badly all things considered.

Linda coaxed him to give it a try - this was
definitely a once only effort HaHa!

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# 1 - Her 2nd Birthday, can I eat a slice please?
#2 - Hey, a little privacy if you will, I'm reading a book :-)
#3 - I just could not resist her gorgeous blonde hair!

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Three little budding gymnasts, well Aldonna and Vanessa
had started at the local YMCA Gym Club.

Miranda went to look, so Linda used her red bathers with
tights, so that she could "look" like her sisters :-)

This photo is something rarely seen in Gymnastics.

Three generations working at an event!
Gran - Scoring Co-ordinator
Daughter - Chief Scorer - Linda
Grand Daughter - Runner - Aldonna

Aldonna just loved being part of it all :-)

The photo was at a Boys Competition in Devonport,
on the northwest coast.

We were rugged up warmly - Gymnasiums are
notoriously cold Duh!


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