Dancing with joy - Midi.

Taken at Aldonna's Christening - 1978
"As Grand Parents"

Oh What Joy!
Being a grandparent brings a whole parcel
of joys unexpectedly, like ...

When the baby cries long and loud ...
"Hand it back!"

When a nappy change is needed ...
"Hand it back!"

When the baby needs breast feeding ...


Apart from that - life is wonderful!
Over the years you have forgotten how soft and
sweet a baby can be, and when the baby is your
own there is not much time for just

But now you have all the time in the world and
joys are a thousandfold!

Soon you find yourself crawling on the floor, playing
games and never get tired of doing it.

Or perhaps fun and games in the bathtub followed
by hide and seek.

You progress on and are always there for the special
sports day at school!

Attending school concerts: of course your grandchild
is the *Star* of the show.

At least in your eyes :-)

Now you may see some "milestones" of the
girls growing into beautiful young ladies,
and read the "mini tales"

This photo loop starts and finishes here

Grand Daughters    




Midi - Dancing with joy ...


Laurie - August 2003