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"The Reception"

 What a wonderful evening we had!

Linda & Barry - 29th March 1975

Truly an "Historic" photo!

 Bride & Groom, with their parents and grandmothers.

Left - Brides family       Right - Grooms family

The Grannys are, from left ...
Nana Seymour .. Gran de Forest .. Nana Clarke .. Nana Blackburn

Sadly, there were no surviving grandfathers.

 I am using my mother's favourite saying ...

"You may kiss me there"


Left - George and his mother
Right - my mother with my brother Albert


Left - My sister and her family - Keith, Christine & Pauline
Right - Terry who was not only celebrating his sisters wedding
but also his 20th birthday!

Happy Birthday Son!

My brother Ramon!

Unfortunately he was not able to attend, his Pharmacy
has a bigger flow of customers looking for "That Special Gift"
at Easter; than he ever had at Christmas.

Neither he nor his wife Jan could be away from the
business at this time :-(

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