Midi - Dancing with joy

Taken at a Dinner Party in 1974

"As Parents"
 We saw our children become adults, many struggles,
sorrows and joys on their way to finally

"Reaching Maturity"

 Linda began work and discovered a talent for
data processing, the forerunner of
today's computer!

Linda @ 19, in 1972


Terry continued on with his education,
doing well in most subjects but not
liking the math components!

Terry @ 19, in 1974

As the midi says ...

We really did dance for joy over the years, and today,
in my heart I still do.

Today would we change anything if we could?
I am sure we would like to - but I also feel - without
the hard times we would not have appreciated
the joys!

My next pages will show us as Grandparents and
Great Grandparents.
But before you move on, please visit Linda and
Terry ...
"Reaching Their Maturity!"

Each of these buttons will start and finished the
photo loops on this page - I hope you enjoy
both the photos and their "mini tales"

 Linda                       Terry
We are now Grandparents


Midi - Dancing with joy ...


Laurie - August 2003




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