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 "The Run Begins"

 At the ready, waiting for the flame to be handed over!

 #1.       #2.       #3.

#1. Starting his run.      
 #2. Now at a walking pace, because asthma had made him breathless,
one of the escorts carried his puffer in case he needed it.
#3. Passing on the flame


Time to board the bus again, which follows the runners, collecting
those who had completed their section, until the last
Kings Meadows member had run.

Then it was back to their assembly point once more,
all very excited and happy!


"The Spectators"

His family gathered to cheer him on his way,
unfortunately only Vanessa an Aldonna were able
to travel up to Launceston.


   And - of course - a not so eager Ethan - who couldn't care less,
he just wanted to go home and be warm *grins*


Aldonna & Poppa                        Gran & Vanessa
All Cheering Madly.