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"The Olympic Torch Run"

4th August 2000

Terry was selected to take part in this great occasion,
in recognition of his volunteer work with Clean-Up Australia.


We were all so proud of his achievements.



  Around Australia

 10,000 runners 12,000 torches ~~ Relay began 12 May - ended 15 September

Taking 120 days, this relay was the longest ever with the last runner entering the
Olympic Stadium on September 15.

One hundred of those days were in Australia, where the torch zigzagged across
the country, covering 27,000 kilometres, over deserts and mountains,
in surfboats and on horseback but mainly on foot.

NB -There was even one small section that was swum underwater.



Come on Mum ... you are slower than a wet week!
That's what he thinks!



Mcdonald's Restaurant at the Kings Meadows
Shopping Complex.

Kings Meadows group getting ready for the
"Official Photo"


Smile everyone - you are making history!

The organisers were very obliging in allowing
family members to use their own cameras!


Finally the call came for all runners,
"All Aboard"
off they went to the outskirts of Kings Meadows,
where this section of the run begins.

As it would be an hour or so before the run would
commence George and I went home to wait for the
girls to arrive.

We had luck on our side, Terry was to pass the flame
over at our street corner, so we saw more than just
a fleeting glimpse. *S*

To see Terry run, follow the arrow waiting
for you!