"Message From Night Owl"
I began over 12 months ago making Tangled Tales as an
on-going journal for my Grandchildren.

This section "Years of My Life" was well under way and
then George became very ill.
This work has been on hold until now.

Since my husband passed away I have found it very hard to
go back and pick up the threads of this segment ...

I have included the Memoriam to George, and it can be
viewed from the next button below.
Now it is done I do hope to continue on and I thank you
for visiting with me
"Special Message"
To a "real life" stranger who spoke to me when
I was last at Kelso ... who asked if I was the lady who had
the Tangled Tales site.

After your comments saying it was a shame a lot of the pages
were not completed - I knew I just had to finish what I had
started - If you are reading this "R" I am now working
on them again.
I do thank you very much for your interest.


Laurie  - May 2003