My Happiness - Midi

"Night Owl and Her Mate"

"Our Honeymoon"
Why Feature A Night Owl?

Because My Mate is an Early Bird - imagine the
adjustments we have had to make!

My "Official Owl Seal" A gift from Whisper :-)

Nerves Finally Played a Dirty Trick!
We spent the 1st night in Melbourne and the new husband
spent Sunday morning looking for a Pharmacy open,
for "cold sore" lotion for his bride - Duh!

"How Romantic!"

 On Our Way at Last!
We just made it in time to catch the train to Bairnsdale
where we had to get the bus to our destination.
"Lakes Entrance"
A very popular honeymoon seaside township.

Three other couples were also waiting, we were all heading
for the same Guest House.

We chatted together and decided once we were settled in,
we would go to the local hotel for a drink.

Once there we relaxed, well to a degree :-)
We were all very careful not to mention being on our
honeymoon, although it was quite obvious that we were.

I got tired of all this pussyfooting around and said ...
"Come on confess, we are all honeymooners"
This was greeted with a great sigh of relief and from that
point on we swapped notes.

One couple was from New South Wales, one from South
Australia and the other, like us, were Victorians.

And we had all been married at half hour intervals.
For the rest of our stay we teamed up and went everywhere
together, and for me it was a "new look" as well.

I went shopping - I had never worn shorts or slacks, but
I soon became a proud owner of both.
These items of clothing were a necessity - for the activities
we planned.

Tandem riding in the hills, oh boy, what an experience!
A boat trip across a large lake for a beach picnic ...
another first! ... And much, much more!

We all kept in touch for at least 10 years, until growing
families - changing jobs etc. finally caused us to
drift apart.

Another Great? Day & Evening!
It was planned to spend it apart - I couldn't get George to even
go for a walk with me - he just wanted to read!

Time passed - then a knock on the door - one of the couples said
they needed my help, their chalet was in darkness.

"Me?!" ... I said ... "I can't help!" ... but I agreed to go with
George while he had a look at their problem.

As soon as we were inside the lights came on ... everybody was
there and burst into "Happy Birthday"

I had spent all week hiding (I thought) the fact that it would be
my birthday soon :-)
Then I knew why my devoted new husband didn't want me to
go anywhere!
He had been detailed off to keep me indoors while the others
were out shopping for decorations, food and drinks.

What a Lovely Surprise!

The button below shows the fun we all had during
the 10 days we were at Lakes Entrance.



Created by Laurie  - April 2003