My Happiness - Midi

"Marriage for a Night Owl"
"Our Wedding Day"
20th October 1951
Dawn brought the promise of a beautiful day!

Such Happiness!
And not a single nerve in sight for me - but my mother was
a complete wreck :-)
She was so bad that, even when the cars arrived, she was not
fully dressed ... she kept trying to get me to go, saying she
would come when she had locked up the house.

It took us a quite a while to convince her she had to leave
first, and that I had to be the last to leave.
This caused so much havoc that she went in the wrong
car, so I had a long wait and was very late arriving.

The Minister never stopped teasing me.


I was so proud to have my Uncle "Crot"(Jim) give me away,
but so sad to find he had not come to the Studio wit
us for the photos.
My dear uncle had no children of his own, and no one realised
he did not know he should have been with us.

No - The bridesmaids are not twins!"
On the left is my cousin Nancy, the other is my sister Barbara.

I broke with all tradition and dressed my bridesmaids in green.
They both had glorious auburn hair :-)

And shock - horror - the girl's hats had long black ribbons
hanging to their waist.
Like Scarlet in "Gone With the Wind" *grins*

  I don't think either George or I could believe this day had
happened - we enjoyed the evening so much that our
poor guests must have thought it would never end.

Eventually we did the "Circle of Thanks" to the guests,
threw the bouquet and departed.
Much to their relief ... no doubt :-)


Foot Note: Maybe this is an odd thing to record here but it was:
"A Magical Moment For Me"

At the reception a partner of one of the guests asked the band
to play a Viennesse Waltz; he then swept me onto the floor
with a flourish - as only an Irishman can - with such
He swung me into the Reverse Waltz, a style of dancing I had
never experienced before.

It was as if he had transported us back to a ballroom in
Old Vienna!
Nobody joined in - I guess they were like me - stunned!
How I managed not to miss a beat still puzzles me!
We seemed to just float on air - then he thanked me
for a wonderful moment.

I think he got that bit back-to-front :-)



Created by Laurie  - April 2003