My Happiness - Midi

"Marriage for a Night Owl"

"For Night Owl's Wedding"

My Happiness!
My Happiness" is the midi chosen - it could be no other!
It was a hit song during our courting days, George sang it
to me so often, it became ... "Our Song"
~Lyrics below~

We were engaged for 2 years - we had plenty of time to have lots
of fun too.
We both had many relatives spread around the country areas
of Victoria, all wanting to get to know our ... "Chosen Partner"

One visit that has stayed in my mind all these years was a visit to
the top of the Snowy River Mountains where George's brother
and his family lived.

Getting there was a scary bus ride up the steep mountain, with
roads so narrow, I kept my eyes shut a lot of the time.

A small township was built up there for the workers on the
Snowy River Power Scheme, harnessing the mighty
river for Electricity.

These mountains became known the world over when they made
the movie about "The Man from Snowy River"

We also spent many lazy summer days at the beach, and many
nights dancing here, there, and everywhere.

So many of our friends were getting married during our
engagement years.
We formed ideas for our own wedding from the experiences
of our friends.

I loved doing needlework so my "bottom drawer" was full to
overflowing in no time.
Shopping for many things to give us a good start in life also
filled my room to bursting point. :-)

George worked hard and managed to get a deposit for our own
We were fortunate to have the deposit to buy a War Serviceman's
House - it was a new one just being built.
It was ready a few weeks earlier than expected so George moved in.

It was not wise in those days to leave a house unoccupied
for long :-)

As the day drew closer and closer, nerves came visiting us, but we
just knew that all would be well on the day.

We had even put an order in to the "Weather Man" to be sure to
give us a lovely sunny day. And he obliged *Grins*

We had such faith in each other we just knew it was going to be
great day.
Ssh! Don't tell anyone - I kept my fingers crossed to be on the
safe side.
Sure ... we had our traumas, but we never let them worry us
for long, the optimism of youth knew no bounds! :-)



Midi Playing ...

~My Happiness~
Evening shadows make me blue,
When each weary day is through,
How I long to be with you,
My Happiness.

Every day I reminisce,
Dreaming of your tender kiss,
Always thinking how I miss,
My Happiness.

A million years it seems,
Have gone by since we shared our dreams,
But i'll hold you again,
There'll be no blue memories then.

Whether skies are grey or blue,
Any place on earth will do,
Just as long as I'm with you,
My Happiness.

Laurie  - April 2003


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