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"My Wishes For You"

If we dip the bucket down the well it will come up full
of my best wishes for you!

I Wished For You!

Comfort on difficult days. Smiles when sadness intrudes.
Rainbows to follow the clouds. Laughter to kiss your lips.
Sunsets to warm your heart. Gentle hugs when spirits sag.
Friendships to brighten your being Beauty for your eyes to see.
Confidence for when you doubt Faith so you can believe.
Courage to know yourself. Patience to accept the truth.
Love to complete your life.
Author Unknown to Me~

What Did You Wish For?

If you wished for these:
Be content, for your wish has already come true.

If you wish for Power:
You have a special power inside you that nobody can take away.
You have the power to change your life, and lives of others,
for the better.

If you wished for Love:
God created you and loves you very much.
You have a network of loving people around you.

If you wished for achievement:
You have already achieved so much in your life.
In fact, when you came into the world, you could not talk, or walk
or look after yourself, but look what you can do now!

If you wished for Wisdom:
You have much wisdom inside you already, you simply need to
remember it.
Life is about learning and you learn hundreds of new things each day.

If you wished to be accepted:
Sometimes you just want everyone to like you.
You only have to answer to yourself, what others think of you doesn't
matter if you have confidence in the person you are.

If you wished for Friendship;
You have got it.

* * * * *

Love From Laurie

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 Midi Playing - Alwyn


Created by Laurie 2007



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