Dreams - Midi Playing

"Live in Harmony"
Harmony is such a beautiful word,
it is ..
as music to the ear!

Being in Harmony with life will bring you
 love and ..
"Inner Peace"

I must admit I struggled until I understood ..
to be loved we must give love ..

The needs we all have differ greatly - we need
to understand and accept this fact!

Nature shows us the way to discover our own
"Inner Peace"

Gather pollen to give life, they also provide us
with glorious honey.

With their soft beauty and heavenly perfume;
they soothe the soul.

Murmur in the breeze as they listen to our
sorrows, and comfort us.

Flutter and twitter, showing us how to keep
busy and enjoy what we are doing.

Refreshes all living things in this wonderful
world of ours.

Herald hope for better things to come, their
beauty shows us hope.


Hope:   Love:   Joy:   Music:
Spreading these - one to another - easing
heartaches along the way, will also
bring to you; your own
"Inner Peace"
I wish "Inner Peace" to all!
Love ... Laurie


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Dreams - Midi Playing


Created by Laurie 2007



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