Kelso January 2004

Vanessa's Visit -The Arrival!


Vanessa had clutch problems before she reached Launceston, she arrived nine
hours after leaving Hobart :-(

She was about halfway into her trip, luckily she was in a small township where
she made an emergency call to a friend she knew, who was leaving later in the
day to come to Launceston - he raced around and got organized and set out
to rescue her.
Her car could not be driven so they left it outside a "friendly" person's home.

Scott then delivered his son off at Launceston and brought Vanessa and Ethan
on to Kelso, after a meal he headed back to Hobart where he had to report
for the night shift driving cabs.

He also arranged to have another friend help him tow her car back to Hobart
the next day, where his friend fixed it before she returned home.
All this from a rather new friend :-)

After such a "long" day she spent the next day relaxing, Ethan was
no problem, he had made friends with other children and they
visited back and forth quite happily and in total safety.

Scott returned to spend a night with us before taking Vanessa back
to Hobart.

Left -Vanessa was riding Ethan's "Bob The Builder" bike, having
great fun chasing Ethan.

Right - Here they are playing with a minature cricket set.

I would say by the time it was over Scott must have felt he had
a"crick in the back" with all that bending over.

Vanessa and Ethan at the pool.
No luck getting him in the water, he just would not leave
the steps.


Scott volunteered to try when the pool was not so busy, I decided to sneak
over and see if he was making any progress.

Left - On the way I got a "wolf whistle" I never got those when I was
young LOL

It was Grahame on his balcony so I turned the camera on him "grins"

Right - The pool area has a brick wall with glass windows so I decided to
spy from there first, they can just be seen above the lowest flower
from outside the window.


This photo shows Scott not only got him into the pool - but
also managed to get him to kick his legs.

After such a busy day Ethan relaxes and has a meal outdoors :-)

 The next afternoon they headed home to Hobart, Scott declaring
he wanted to come and stay with G.Gran again ....



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