19th February 2004

 Miranda & Dillon @ Kelso

Tent is up ... now to tackle pumping up the double air mattress!
Look at those muscles Gran!
"DoYou Mind" ... Dillon took no notice, he was intent on what he was doing,
that was much more important to him LOL

NB. Dillon will be 2 years old in March 2004!


No doubt about my Granddaughters ... life does not always run smoothly for them.

Miranda also had car problems on her way to Kelso, her exhaust was not performing
well at all.

When she arrived at Kelso she rang her hubby, Damien, and learned he had
forgotten to put the additive in with the fuel ... Men! Duh!
If she had some added before making the trip home to Hobart, all would be well..

Now this sounds OK? - wrong!

When it was time to pack up for the trip home she discovered her keys were missing,
we searched here, there, and everywhere more than once but never found them.

Another frantic call to her hubby Damien, who is a car mechanic; he told her where
there was a spare key hidden, and how to break into the boot.

OK so far ...

BUT ... The key to the fuel tank was also missing.

So she was then told to "limp" her way to Launceston and pick up spare keys that
he would express post to my address.

Now this sounds OK? - Nope still wrong!

BECAUSE ... She left in a hopeful mood, but in less than an hour of driving her
exhaust split it's seams, she had to return to Kelso, she had tried to ring her
hubby but she could not raise him on her phone.

Eventually, back at Kelso, she made contact and was advised to ring Launceaton
and book the car in somewhere, to get her exhaust fixed, and the additive into
the fuel tank.

By this time it was much too late to start travelling back, so she unpacked enough
for them to be able to sleep in the van with me :-)

She made the trip Ok the next day and was able to get home safely ... the keys
are still lost Grrr ... I wonder what on earth happened to them :-(

NOW - After reading this far are you ready to see some more photos


Bathtime for Dillon - look at me Gran!
Memories flooded back for Miranda, she just loved having her bath in this
deep tub!


Now for more fun!
First - great fun jumping on the Trampoline, then off we went to the
rocking horse swing.

He loved this one!
When he hung from the old car tyre I had to push him round and round
until he got Dizzy LOL


Next came the "huge" tyre, I lifted him into this, but he wanted to get
out all by himself!
It became a favourite, every time he went "missing" there he was, never
getting tired of crawling in and out of it :-)


In the pool to cool off!
Left - He was no stranger to this - Miranda's in-laws have a pool - which
he visits very often.

Right - Relaxing and watching Dillon in the playground, Geoff - Mahoney's
son with his daughter, and his friend Damien.


Left A quiet time with Dillon before his bedtime!
Right -Next day - almost ready to leave!

This was taken at the first departure LOL

Even with all her problems Miranda did enjoy her stay "Grins"
And so did I!

Even tho' I fell onto my bed and slept and slept - before she could
have even reached the highway. HaHa!



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