"Twin Spirits ... of Tasmania"

Just recently Tasmania bought twin Ferries from Norway.

I believe this photo was taken as they came up the river into
Devonport - to begin their service.

We are very proud to have these "Twins"

These two Drive-on Drive-off passenger and vehicle ferries sail daily,
in a much shorter time than the original Spirit of Tasmania.

One travels at night - the other during the day.

There is now more than double the number of visitors
arriving or departing each day.

Hobart - The Capital of Tasmania, is where the now
"World Famous Catamarans" are built.

Some have been sold to countries near Norway and I believe
the US Services have also bought some, or are
considering doing so!

Rather a quirk of fate that one side of the world builds
ferries for the other side of the world.

"And Vice Versa"

I hope one day I may get the opportunity to travel on one
of the "Twins" myself. :-)

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Laurie - June 2003


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