"The Journey Begins"

And if you live in Tasmania - all journeys by car begin with

the "Spirit of Tasmania"

This "Drive on - Drive off" vehicle and passenger Ferry travels
across Bass Strait to Victoria.

It takes 15+ hours, and if you are lucky it will be a
calm trip.
The Bass Strait is considered to be the worst stretch of water
in the world, as is the "air space" so travelling either
way you always hope for a calm journey.

Saying Goodbye to our Children :-)

Departing from Devonport on the NorthWest coast at 5pm
you can expect to arrive in Victorian Waters by 9am ...
depending on the way the sea behaves.

Sssh!!! I am not a good sailor.

We were very lucky to be travelling the day we did, because
the RAAF (Air Force) Concert Band was returning to the
Mainland after performing in Devonport.

They entertained the passengers, giving a wonderful free,
and very lively performance.

Hubby and I were also fortunate to share the dinner table
with some of them, they also kept us front seats
in the lounge *S*

Sitting so close gave us the opportunity to use our camera,
with their permission, I hasten to add!

I was doubly fortunate - I enjoyed their company so much
it shunted my tendency to sea-sickness - out of sight.

Next morning we watched the seagulls on deck as we were
arriving at Melbourne.

We disembarked with great trepidation - we had never
towed our van through such frantic traffic.
By the time we reached our destination we were feeling
quite frazzled - but elated.

We had arrived safe and sound !!!


Twin Spirits


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Laurie - June 2002


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