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 Our first Christmas home after our trip
around Australia.

The girl's badly wanted to come to Kelso.
Unfortunately Aldonna could not, due to work commitments, but
Vanessa and Miranda were overjoyed when we suggested we
come down and get them.

We decided to travel back to Launceston, along the beautiful
East Coast of Tasmania.


We stopped to admire this lovely view, looking across the water
to Coles Bay - a Holiday Resort Township!

Next stop St Helen's - a Tourist's Delight.

We stayed a couple of nights in a holiday cabin, another new experience
for them - we shopped for food and had a great time cooking an
evening meal.
The photo above was taken after we settled in, as they took a walk
to the beach, just across the road from our cabin.

 Early next day a hike along the shore led us to a path that begged to
be investigated.

What a sight to behold, rolling sand dunes.
Poppa found a board to use as a slide - a sure way for the girls to have
loads of fun!

Can you see them - they are the small dot in the middle. I took this
shot to capture the expanse of dunes.

 Later they again tested the water - are they ever going to really have
a swim?

Let's Find Out!