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January 1992

Lastly - a trip up North to Launceston so we could take the girls
with us when we went to say goodbye to the Mahoneys, before we left
on our Big Adventure Around Australia!

A cuddle was always there for us from Graham - years later
I still get one :-)

 *** *** *** *** ***

Hello & Goodbye to the Mahoneys @ Kelso Sands Caravan Park!
Owners and good friends since the early 1980's.


Aldonna is nursing one of Jean's siamese cats, the little dark haired girl
is Jean's first grandchild Nicki, Jean is cuddling her.

We were so pleased that we took the girls to see them, they are like
family to us all.


Don't miss the second car, it is about to leave on another trip :-)