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 A visit to Mt Field National Park and the Russell Falls.

 This National Park is full of wonders.

There are many waterfalls and there is a circular trail that takes
over an hour to visit them all, we decided to just visit the first and most
spectalular one.
On the way we came across this HUGE fallen tree, the girls are standing
in the hollow base.
The second photo is a close-up of the same tree.


THEN ....

Nothing would do but they had to climb up and walk the length
of it, accompanied by many Ooh Ahhs!
It was very high up there, wouldn't get me up there for all
the tea in China.

I thought - let's move on to somewhere safer Oh Yeah ...
... thats them way up on top with their Poppa, can you see them?
this was very hard to get a snapshot!

Then right down at the bottom, and where was I all this time?
safe on the path, that's where!


 Lunch - a nice quiet pasttime - suits me well!

 Where to next? come see!