Carols Page 2

Later Years!
No great players amongst us!
Ability not necessary - just a love of fun! :-)

Matt and George

"Having a Practice"
Poppa, Miranda, Richard - watching Greg and Jason trying their hand at playing
Great Concentration!

Miranda above, and also below with Gran

Not so easy playing the right hand notes with my left hand,
but hey, "Who Cared"
So long as we were having fun!

The girls always amazed me - they memorised the music of lots
of the carols.
They loved playing with me - I think because I listened to them and kept
pace with them, I had a bit of juggling to do at times :-)

During the evening each had their own favourite that we played together,
and also one they played solo.

All else was "performed" by whoever managed to get a seat at a keyboard.
Just imagine - 3 keyboards an organ and an occasional rendition from
a school recorder also!
Pity the Poor Neighbours  *grins*

I won't mention the lack of good singing voices - that would be sooo mean!