Don't be fooled, they are trying, but as usual
I have to fix their packing, to be able to get
everything in!

Our Trip to Hobart for Christmas

As Hobart is about 3 hours drive away, we expected
to arrive early after lunch, instead of that it became
a 6 hour trip
Now how could that be? ... well settle back and I will
explain it all. We started well, I drove to our usual
Service Station at Epping Forest, stopping for petrol,
less than an hour from home.

Tank Was Happy! We Were Happy!
Attendants Were Happy!
Christmas Happiness Abounded!


Oh Dear!
Car full of presents, food, and the very heavily
perfumed Lilies.
And without those Lilies from our garden ...
*Christmas is not Christmas* for Linda and
the girls.

The car would not start, the friendly Service Station
staff tried their best to get me going once more,
with no luck so ...
... a call to our "Road Assistance" people (The R.A.C.T.)
The Royal Automobile Club Tasmania
A long wait for them to arrive, and a phone call to the
family, thank goodness for mobile phones.

Aldonna, the eldest Granddaughter, answered, and
after a bit she said, "Don't worry Gran we will just
postpone Christmas until you get here, and if you
can't make it, rescue will be arranged"

Is it any wonder I love them all so much!

Help in the shape of a tow truck arrived to take us
half way back towards home, George and Terry were
quite intrigued to see the car being winched up.
I was just feeling *sick*

The tow truck had a double cabin with plenty of
room for us all,
you should have seen me scrambling up, it was very
Of course, we were not going to get off as easy as
that, it rained,
**all the way back to Perth**

No, not the Capital City of Perth in Western Australia,
just a small country town *grins*

We sat in the car while the new Starter Motor was
At one time the car was raised very high on one side,
I really would have preferred to stand in the rain,
but the man said we were quite safe.

Eventually the sun came out, our car was happy,
we were feeling better, so off we went.
We called in again at the Epping Forest Service
Station, to thank them again and let them know
all was well.

To say I was feeling a tad stressed would be
understatement, I was concerned that I would
most likely be tired as I approached Hobart, and
to make things worse it would be rush hour in
the Capital City, not a scenario that filled me
with joy! 


But wait!   There is more!
We had been travelling for a while without
needing to use the brakes,
Horror! ... Horror!
The brake pedal just instantly and smoothly sunk
to the floor. Woweee - that had never happened to
me before, the stress level climbed a bit higher
than a tad, but a few gentle pumps on the pedal,
whenever I had the road to myself, eventually
brought the pressure up again.

But I must say a monkey was riding on my shoulder
gnawing away at my composure.
I knew then that I just could not face the drive
into Hobart.

Yet another call to the family, I did not let them
know about the brakes, I just arranged to meet
them in about 30 minutes,
(it would take them about the same time to reach
Brighton, the rendezvous town) as it would us.

NB I must add here that the car had been checked
for me by my local Service Station a week before
we were to leave.
I am always careful about that!

In Hobart -Linda and Aldonna jumped in the car
and set forth to help out.
They beat us there by just seconds ...

My beautiful Aldonna, who is very tall, jumped out
of her car and just folded me in her arms, patted me
and said ...
"There, There Gran" just as you would to a child.

I then wept all over Linda, something I have not
done for years.
Aldonna drove my car into Hobart while I travelled
with Linda.
Oh Yes!
I did tell them then about the brakes and said,
be sure to drive less fast than usual.

Although the brakes appeared to be alright by this
I did not want her to take any chances.
After much coffee, food and chatting, we launched
into our usual - hilarious -
"Christmas Eve Fun, Games & Carols"

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Foot Note - Although this was not funny at the time,
we often *Chuckle* over it now.
It takes many things to build up great memories.

There are funny side to all things in life - if you
just look for them.

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Laurie - July 2002




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