"Fun at Christmas"

"New Worlds To Discover"

Heading down South we made a stop at Dover,
a tiny township on the way to the ...
"End of the Road"
at the very bottom of our island
We knew it was the end because a sign told us :-)

But what if none of us could read - would we have
gone off the end of the jetty!
With no more land between this point, and the
Antarctica, we may have just floated to the
Land of Ice! *Grins*
Actually this photo was taken about 20 years earlier,
Terry couldn't believe it said "End" so he went
looking *grins*

Touring With The Girls - January 1992!

What fun we had, each day a new area to cover,
up memories for the girls to store in their hearts!
We hoped *smiles*
We wanted to make each moment count, for them
as well as ourselves.

We knew we would be away for months ... but not
the 15we actually DID spend roaming :-)

It was not a very warm January down South, but we
did not let that deter us.

After reaching the end of the road, on the way home,
we visited the Hasting Caves.
A rock based swimming pool was also there, set in
lovely bushland.
The water was warm, it was continually being fed by
a natural hot spring coming up through the rocks.
The girls enjoyed this so much - but hunger finally
got them out.

A quick rub down and warm clothes - then we
enjoyed a late picnic lunch.

 The next outings took us along the Derwent River,
out of Hobart and in inland.

We actually had another trip in 1994, I will
cover that trip in these pages as well.
Come touring with us!
Each car will begin and end on this page, just
follow the arrows and you will never get lost :-)
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