"Look" says Vanessa "It is my turn now
to cuddle Gran"

"Christmas Mishaps"

Christmas does not automatically mean all will
be well!
Far from it - I am sure there are gremlins just hiding,
waiting to pounce when we least expect it!

We have had our fair share through the years, but we
never let it spoil anything.

"For Instance"
We had the year of a flooded ceiling, a "lost" Poppa,
my fractured wrist etc.

These became "The Year Of The Flood" and of course
"The Year of Our Breakdown" etc.
You will see this "Tale" as you journey on!

December 2001 will always be especially remembered.
It was early this December when we learned George
had cancer ...
... but we made it a good Christmas for him!

None of these years will ever be forgotten.

 "The Flood"
What should have been a lovely hot and sunny Christmas
was in fact a very bad storm, the rain was so heavy the
flat roof of Linda's home could not get rid of the
water fast enough ... so it paid us a visit ...
bursting into three rooms!  

We had towels covering the floors everywhere - and guests
expected for our Carols - due very soon.

In the midst of all this we were getting very concerned
because Poppa was very, very late arriving.

Barry had been out on the highway looking for him, when
the rains came ...
... and so did Poppa!

Not a bit concerned that he was so late, he said he didn't
think that we would be worried.
He had just been pottering around at home, and didn't
notice how time had flown by!   
Grrr! from me!

"Then the Year of My Wrist"
A nice restful Christmas for me ... in my dreams!
I still had to do my share, fractured wrist was no excuse,
even tho I could not use my right hand at all!

Two positive things came out of these mishaps!
Linda had insurance cover and was able to get lovely
new carpet.
And I got to travel to Hobart on the bus. *grins*

In the earlier years I would drive down a day earlier
than Terry and George, so I could help Linda.

As the girls grew up they helped, so the three of us
were able to travel down together on
Christmas Eve.

Me driving of course :-)

Nice restful year for me - indeed!

Pst! ...
There was always somebody standing nearby to lift
the pans back into the oven :-)

Vanessa took over the carving of the chicken, and she
has done so each Christmas ever since, a task I did
not mind relinquishing at all :-)



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