"Christmas Morning"

The girls comparing notes - 1997
"Wide Awake Now!
We have staggered out of our beds, had a juice or
coffee, seated in our "special" places, awaiting
the joy of seeing what Santa had brought to each
and every one of us.
That's right - Santa never forgot we poor old and
frazzled members of the family, he was always
most kind!
*** *** ***
Only too soon it is time to begin the cooking for
our ... "feast!"
We each have an area to attend to - Linda is like
the Orchestra Leader - has it all planned out and
a timetable - so that we don't forget - Hmm!

Mine is always the oven cooking and boiling the
Traditional English Plum Pudding!

Mine never looks quite like this - but I bet it would
taste better - well that's my story and I am
sticking to it. *grins*

Barry does all micro-wave cooking and the carving,
except the chickens - that was my task!
Linda attends to all the preparations on Christmas
Eve so is excused from cooking on
Christmas Day.

As the girls became older (and wiser ?) they all had
specific things to do to help the ... "Oldies"
Most willing I hasten to add :-)

The men always attend to the washing up whilst
Linda and I prepare the table again for drop-in
visitors and/or a buffet meal for any who wished
to eat again later :-)
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