Feeding our neighbours bulls - January 1992!
Taken during a short break in our Tour.
Brave Girls!

"Fun at Christmas"

January 1992

We had no camping this year, as we were due to depart
Tassie on the 2nd February for our big adventure,
around Australia.

We needed time to prepare the van for all seasons, we
expected to be totally dependent on it for our needs
and safety.

Therefore ...
After the festivities of Christmas we went home and
prepared the van, and also for a return visit down
south in January ...

"So That"
We could do something new with the girls.
We took them on many day trips, to places they had
never been.
We toured the South first then a few days home resting
and shopping in Launceston.

We also took a day trip to Kelso Sands Caravan Park to
visit the Mahoneys at Kelso.

The girls were overjoyed to see them again, they had
been sad at the thought of not being at Kelso at
all this summer.

It also was great for George and I, we were able to
say our goodbyes!

 Come and join us in the fun we had!

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