"Christmas Eve"
Santa receives a gift - 1991!

"Our Traditions"

We held our first Carols by Candlelight in the mid 80's,
we just sang by candlelight, each holding their own candle.

Then gradually we used a keyboard, that later became 3,
plus a button organ, 2 recorders - and one year Vanessa was
learning the guitar so we had chords (of a sort) from her.

We sure had some fun - especially when Linda decided to start
singing faster and faster - until one by one the "players"
dropped out and we collapsed in laughter.

Linda also made a Carols book of lyrics for us all and music
books for the instruments.

Over the years we have had many visitors join in on our fun.
As the girls got older the current "boyfriend' would also
attend and they all liked to have a go on a keyboard.

Talent wasn't a requirement *grins*
But a love of fun was!

"A Most Touching Moment"

Occurred during our first carols evening.
Aldonna was so full of love she wanted to give presents.
Unbeknown to us, she had emptied her moneybox, and
taken the only 2 coins it held.

She gave them to her Mother and Stepfather as a gift.
From then on a small gift became a traditional event.

We were not to spend more than a dollar - a fun gift, to
be wrapped and the content kept secret - nothing to
show who bought what!

All gifts were placed in a box and labelled A B C etc. each
of us would draw out a letter from a hat.
A third set of letters were placed in another hat.

During the evening Linda would draw one letter out, the
gift was claimed and a lot of laughter accompanied the
"silly" little gifts.

The rule was - the sillier the better!
And so it went on until all gifts were claimed!

We are doing a similar thing for the Great Grandchildren,
but making it a lucky dip for them to find candy.

They are only very young but do understand - they are
only allowed 2 dips each time they visit :-)


Come along with me and enjoy!

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